Using payment cards is one of the methods of depositing fiat funds to a user’s account at eXion.IO and withdrawing them from there. A user shall guarantee that only payment cards owned by him/her are used for operations with fiat currencies. Users can manage their payment cards at the Cards page of the eXion.IO website.

This webpage represents all payment cards of a user grouped based on fiat currencies. Both verified and non-verified cards are shown. For demonstration of payment cards in some certain fiat currency, check the radio button selector in the left part of the window. There is a limitation for the maximum number of cards for one fiat currency that a user can register at the website, i.e. not more than 4 payment cards can be used for the same fiat currency. Only VISA and MasterCard payment cards can be registered in the system.

Storing information about payment cards of a user is regulated by the Privacy Policy, which is stated in the Terms and Conditions. To ensure confidentiality, only the last 4 digits of the payment card’s number are shown on the Cards webpage.

All financial operations connected either depositing funds to a user’s account at the eXion.IO website or withdrawal of funds from it shall be processed using only registered and verified payment cards. More details about verification are available in the Payment Card Verification guide.


To add a payment card at the Cards webpage a user shall select the fiat currency switch in accordance with the fiat currency of the payment card and press the ADD NEW CARD button. The modal window for adding a new card will appear.

In the modal window, the payment card’s number shall be entered in the Enter Card number field, as well as the card owner’s name into the Cardholder's name field. After this information is entered correctly, the PROCEED button shall be pressed. The modal windows will be closed and the new card with the NOT VERIFIED status will be added to the Cards webpage.

To exit the modal window and return to the previous page without saving the information, press GO BACK.


To delete a payment card that is not used at eXion.IO, or a card that has expired, as well as to add a new card when the card number limit for the certain fiat currency is reached, press the "Х" pictogram next to the corresponding card. After the card is deleted, all operations with this payment card will become unavailable at eXion.IO.

You can email us all additional questions to [email protected].