Depositing and withdrawing funds in Cryptocurrencies is possible only from the addresses and wallets owned by a user. When depositing Crypto funds the user guarantees one is the owner of these funds and does not use eXion.IO for laundering the illegally obtained money. When withdrawing Cryptocurrency from one’s account, the user also guarantees that the funds are withdrawn to the crypto wallets and crypto addresses owned by the user.


Depositing Cryptocurrency to one’s account at eXion.IO is done by sending a payment to one’s personal address that eXion.IO has registered for the user. This address is indicated in the DEPOSIT windows of the Finance page. This address is constant and does not change over time. Yet, we would like to draw the attention of the users that due to updating the software for the wallets and different changes in crypto networks these addresses may change. Before sending the cryptocurrency the user shall make sure the address previously assigned to the user is correct. Otherwise, when the address has changed the Cryptocurrency will not be deposited to the user’s account. eXion.IO shall not be liable for the funds sent to an address different from the one previously assigned to the user and shall not refund any related direct or indirect losses. When a mass change of addresses is initiated, eXion.IO will inform its users about this via an email sent to the user’s address.

The Cryptocurrency settles to the user’s account within 10 minutes after the 6th confirmation of the transaction by the crypto network. After this, the Cryptocurrency is available for trade operations and is listed in the current balance of the user’s account. When the funds settle to the account, the user receives a notification about this to one’s email.

The complete amount of the payment settles to the user’s account at eXion.IO.

Deposit of Cryptocurrency

The address for depositing cryptocurrency account is encoded into the QR code for the mobile wallets; otherwise it can be copied to the clipboard by pressing the COPY button.

The minimum and maximum amount for depositing Cryptocurrency is indicated in the operation window.


Withdrawing funds in Cryptocurrency is done to the user’s crypto address. The transaction for funds transfer is formed within 10 minutes after the operation is done and is sent to the crypto network.

Transfer of Cryptocurrency funds is done in full with the reduction of the commission calculated in the funds withdrawal window. This commission includes the commission of the crypto network as well. After the transfer transaction is formed and sent to the crypto network, the user receives a corresponding email notification.

Settlement of Cryptocurrency funds to the user’s wallet can be delayed because of overloads in the crypto network for the period of up to forty eight (48) hours, which is indicated in paragraph 10.4. of the Terms and Conditions.

Withdrawal of Cryptocurrency

The minimum and maximum amounts of cryptocurrency for withdrawal are indicated in the operation window.

You can email us all additional questions to [email protected].