Payment card verification process is required for confirming the user’s ownership of the card. The user can use only one’s own payment cards at eXion.IO. This rule is based on such policies as CDD (Customer Due Diligence) and KYC (Know Your Customer) to counteract fraudulent operations with payment cards and control over illegal flow of fiat funds.

For operations with fiat currency at eXion.IO, users can use only verified payment cards.


At the payment cards management page, each card is given its status:

  • NOT VERIFIED - the card verification process has not been completed.
  • VERIFIED - the card has been verified.

To verify a payment card, click on the NOT VERIFIED button next to the card. The card verification modal window will open. There, you need to upload a photo of the payment card being verified. Hiding the card’s number is allowed except for the last 4 digits. The card shall offer clear presentation of the cardholder’s name and surname on it. Check the example below.

Payment Card

JPG and PNG files of up to 150KB are allowed for uploading. After selecting the file to be uploaded, you can crop the picture in the popup window.

Storing of all photos is regulated by the Privacy Policy, which is stated in the Terms and Conditions.

After the graphic file is uploaded successfully, the name of the graphic file will appear next to the card and the picture will be shown. These are all steps required to verify the payment card. To return to the payment card management page, press GO BACK.


Lately, the Virtual Internet Card has been gaining popularity. Many large banks issue them as a duplicate if the main card for paying for goods and services online. eXion.IO allows using such payment cards, yet reserves the right to conduct additional verification of such cards using any legal methods and means. Additionally, payments where such cards are used can be delayed for up to 24 hours.

While Virtual Internet Cards do not have any plastic representation copy, instead of uploading a photo of the card users can tick the Virtual Internet Card checkbox. After this, the modal window can be closed by pressing the GO BACK button.


After all the above actions on payment card verification from the user’s side are over, eXion.IO starts the verification procedure. For this, eXion.IO uses all available legal means and methods. If no additional check is required, usually the card information is checked against the information on the card’s photo. Checking includes verification of the data indicated by users in the personal profile, too, for example, such as Name and Surname.

For extended verification, eXion.IO can ask the user to submit a photocopy of one’s personal ID, e.g. passport, ID card or driver license, or notify the user about the necessity to upload a payment card photo of better quality. Such notification can be sent to the user’s email address from [email protected].

As a rule, the process of verification takes about 24 hours, but not more than 7 days in case of additional verification required. After the card is successfully verified, its status will change to VERIFIED and it will become available for operations on depositing fiat funds to the user’s balance at eXion.IO or withdrawing them.


If you would like to delete all information about your payment card from eXion.IO, including its picture, we can offer your this. Just click on the VERIFIED button next to the card in question. Card verification modal window with the uploaded picture will open. To delete it, press the "Х" pictogram next to the file name. The payment card photo will be immediately deleted from eXion.IO and the card’s status will switch to NOT VERIFIED. The card will become unavailable for further use in operations with fiat currency at eXion.IO.

You can email us all additional questions to [email protected].